So, Trump is to nullify the legal right of California to set it's own, stricter, standards for auto emissions?

Why exactly?  Because he could.  Or so he thinks.  Another juvenile, "so there" move by Trump. 

This Trump effort was By The Way . . . opposed by the industry manufacturers foreign and domestic.

NOBODY wanted this but Trump.   The stench of Fascism lingers in the air.

Another NuckenFutz idea from the Trump Circus.



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Did know the CIA has a code phrase for private conversations between the White House and Moscow?


"Putin one over on him."

That is NuckenFutz.

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So, a big deal was made about a "Space Walk", the other day. AKA "Extra Vehicular Activity".


How exactly is floating about in zero gravity, a "walk"?   Well. it ain't.   

That's the sort of thing that makes me Nucken Futz.


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Trump declares the Federal Reserve Chairman and others are engaged in a conspiracy to make Trump look bad on the economy.

I mean, really.   This fellow who "only hires the best people" has gone through more Administration department heads than any 10 past Presidents (more or less) and appointed the current Fed Chairman. 

So, when things go bad, Trump throws people under the bus, so to speak. 

Strikes me that anyone that would want to serve or support him must be Nuckenfutz.


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